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Boutique Versus Behemoth

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Working with a smaller business has advantages that you simply can’t find when dealing with larger businesses.

Here are some of the common reasons businesses and consumers alike prefer the advantages of “Boutique”:

Quick to Change

A significant benefit of working with smaller businesses, especially in an industry rooted in technology, is adapting and innovating. Smaller can react faster. Imagine the time difference in turning around a cruise ship versus a ski boat. As a recent example, we had a prospective client that was with one of the big companies. They had been asking for (and promised) a particular report for over two years. We were able to add that report and make it available to GDN clients within two weeks. This is the type of agility that often allows small businesses to outmaneuver larger companies and innovate at a faster pace. As a client, this means having the ability to implement real change that will help you with your business.

Customer Service

Have you ever called for help or a quick question and been put on hold for a long time or been passed around from department to department? If you have, you know the frustration of doing business with a big company. When you are one of the thousands, this is often the experience for you and your customers. When working with an industry such as online resale documents where we are the “middle man”, you (the management company) may have direct lines or extension numbers that allow you to get directly to the right person, but your customers (those buying your documents) don’t. So, even if you aren’t experiencing that pain, your customers are, and it is a reflection of your business.

The next three sections go into greater detail of the customer service advantages of working with a smaller company.

Working With Familiar Faces (or voices)

When you call a large business, what are the odds you will receive someone who knows you? In larger companies, that likelihood is very low. When working with a smaller business, you would likely talk with the same person you have previously worked with and develop a rapport or even a relationship. When working with a smaller company, it’s not uncommon for the company and the client to know and understand each other, which brings up the next point.

Closer to Clients and Customers

The cornerstone of our businesses is establishing personal relationships with clients. When you choose a smaller company to provide a service, you aren’t just a number among thousands of customers. Instead of a service provider, you get a partner in this part of your business. For example, it’s not uncommon for GetDocsNow to know its client’s employees, processes and location. This relationship helps us make recommendations to help their business run more smoothly, which allows them to make better, more informed decisions.

More Passionate About What They Do

Generally, small business owners and employees are passionate about the work they do. This passion can typically be seen in the quality of service you receive. When your “vendor” is more like an extension of your team, they are more likely to do things the way you would do them. In our business, this effect is doubled as we are in between our clients and their customers. So, the direction and passion from the management company flows from the management company, through our team to the customer. We realize there is more on the line than our reputation.

Smaller businesses will often go above and beyond to help you out because they know that if you are happy, you will inevitably tell other people about your experiences with that business. After all, a good referral from a trusted friend is the best marketing.

Set Apart From The Competition

When choosing a service provider or considering a change, there are many things to consider. The purpose of this blog is to bring to light some of the advantages of choosing a smaller “boutique” company over the huge companies out there. When we started this industry over 20 years ago, GetDocsNow had no competition. Since then, others have come and gone, and a couple focused on growing their company’s while we focused on providing the best product, service, and experience. As a result, we have led the industry in innovation, while a couple of “competitors” have become behemoths while we remain boutique.

Consider what sets you apart from your “competitors” in your field. Are your competitor's big companies that treat their clients as a number? Do you provide a better service and experience for a competitive price? Maybe you should consider making a change for the same reasons your clients changed to you.

At GetDocsNow

We are committed to controlled growth, never outgrowing our ability to give personal service and our core values: Integrity, Compassion, Innovation, and Commitment. If excellent service and cutting-edge innovation are essential to you, GetDocsNow may have the solution for you.

For more information check out our video content on this subject below or click here to schedule a conversation with our CEO.

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