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We provide an online process that allows all facets of a transaction to obtain documentation required for a closing on a piece of real estate. With flexible packaging & pricing of association disclosures you can provide your customers higher quality at lower prices. We store your Homeowner's Association documents and disclosures in Adobe PDF format. These documents are available to you & your customers 24/7.


With GetDocsNow you will never fill out & fax another condo questionnaire or escrow demand statement. Simply complete the online wizards to create automated disclosure documents. The updating process is easy & can improve your efficiency & accuracy.


The creators of GetDocsNow searched for the best programmers and online engineers to put together this outstanding service. We have new features and value added programming at no additional cost to our clients. It is our commitment to keep expanding the services and uses for the GetDocsNow client.

State Law Compliance

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