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Our Values

We as a company have a few guiding principles that affect every aspect of how we operate.





the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

"he is known to be a man of integrity"


'Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We always work to do what we say we will do, and what is right.'






sympathetic pity and concern for others.


'Compassion is the key to all of our daily decisions. We place ourselves in our clients and document buyers shoes in order to ensure the best possible experience.'





the action or process of innovating.

"innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization"


'Innovation is our foundation. As the inventors of online resale documents we pride ourselves on constantly being on the cutting edge of industry technology.'





the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

"the company's commitment to quality"


'Commitment drives all of our principles. Commitment to not only our integrity, compassion, and innovation but above all to our clients.'

Our Story

One day two Real Estate Brokers were driving across Las Vegas to get the resale documents for a real estate transaction. As they drove, they thought: ‘there has to be a better way’. This thought blossomed into an idea, which grew into a business called GetDocsNow in 1999. After two years of methodical work, we sold the first online resale document ever in 2001. This background in Real Estate and the continual desire to find a better way is still what motivates us over 20 years later.   

Today GetDocsNow continues to drive technological innovation in the resale document industry. Given our history, our passion for the industry can be seen in everything that we do. We work tirelessly to ensure the best possible experience for not only our clients but for the document buyers as well. Our core values are at the center of everything that we do. 


Personal connection

Constant improvement 

Why Us?

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